Military Power

The LordProtector controls two military organizations. The primary military power in Southreach is the Army. The Navy is much smaller but provides very important control and defense of the waters near Southreach.

Due to the rugged and hilly terrain around Southreach, the Army is limited to infantry, both light and heavy, and archers. While the scouts and messengers do use horses for rapid movement, cavalry doesn't exist.

Ranks and Structure of the Army

  • Lord Protector – the ultimate commander of all military forces in Southreach.
  • Senior Captain – directly commands a company and oversees up to four Junior Captains. Southreach has four Senior Captains.
  • Captain – direct command of a company.
  • Junior Captain – directly commands a company but is under the command of a Senior Captain.
  • Staff Sergeant – highest ranking non-officer. Advises and supports a Junior Captain.

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Military Power

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