Into the place of Darkness came the Siblings of Light.
Desiring to create, they did battle with Darkness.
In battle did fall Brother, but Darkness was defeated.
The Sisters took hold of Brother and formed the World.
Brother’s last breath gave life to the World.
Darkness crept back.
The Sisters stand on either side of Brother.
Their Light holds back Darkness.

History of Southreach

Southreach was the southernmost city of the Kingdom of Melacor. Melacor was at peace for the most part and engaged in trade with the other kingdoms of Cynis.

Sixty-eight years ago, that ended when a massive horde of orcs, ogres, giants, and sundry flooded out of the Thunderspire Mountains. They crushed the army of Melacor and moved on to the next kingdom.

For six years the horde ravaged the world, burning cities, killing, and looting. Then the surviving armies of the world rallied and made a counter attack. They pushed into the heart of the horde and encountered Fire Giant Ironbane, leader of the horde and servant of Darkness.

As the armies fought the horde, a single Halfling hero and sole surviving general of the army of Melacor, Arlon Greenhill fought Ironbane. In a fight that spawned a hundred songs, Arlon Greenhill weakened and eventually killed Ironbane.

With Ironbane’s death, the horde shattered. No longer an army, it was simply hundreds of bands of raiders. During the next few years, orcs fought orcs, people fought orcs, people fought people, and disease took a toll of its own. Out of the mass graves rose undead to threaten the people of the world.

For more than half a century, the world has lingered in a dark age. Now the light of civilization is returning. Southreach is the brightest spark of the rebirth of an age of light.

Lord Protector

Arlon Greenhill is the Lord Protector. He was a general in the army of Southreach during the Great Orc War. For six years he held the orc hordes away from the walls of Southreach. Many stories are told of how he stood alone against the Fire Giant Ironbane and won. He broke the back of the Horde and survived. In the decades since, he has never wavered in his devotion to the preservation of Southreach and her people.

During the war, his wife and children were killed. He has vowed to never remarry. He has publicly stated that he has no intention of leaving behind him a monarch. He constantly tests local leaders for their fitness to rule.

The Lord Protector owns all lands not controlled by the Church. He controls all trade. He controls the majority of the military in Southreach. Only the Church’s knightly orders and guards are outside his control. He has tasked the Church with making sure he never falls victim to corruption.

Now the Lord Protector is nearing the end of his life. He turns to a group of young heroes to help expand the lands of Southreach and hopefully provide the stability that will be needed when he passes into the next life.

Cynis: The Southreach Saga

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