The Lore of Maybe

The Lore of Maybe

Wondrous item, Legendary (requires attunement by a diviner)

This book contains various pieces of lore and prophecy along with wizard spells, short stories, poems, and pieces of letters and lists. The few drawing, maps, and other illuminations that periodically appear in the book are of varied quality. If you spend six months studying the book it can provide the training required to become a wizard (diviner).

A diviner is able to attune to the book and begin unlocking its powers. The diviner remains attuned to the book even when separated unless another attunes it. Here are the powers Jackie Muldoon has discovered:

  • Arcane Focus: The book can serve as an arcane focus. You gain a +1 bonus to Spell attack rolls and to the save DC of all of your spells.
  • Diviner's Lore: You can add half your proficiency bonus, rounded down, to any Intelligence or Wisdom check you make that doesn't already include your proficiency bonus.
  • Insightful Ward: You can cast blade ward as a reaction. You can’t use this ability again until you take a long rest. This ability doesn’t require that you know blade ward as a Cantrip.
  • Peerless Portent: When you roll for your Portent ability, rolls of 2 through 10 count as a 2 and rolls of 11 through 19 count as a 19. Rolls of 1 or 20 remain as is. To use this, you must have the book on hand during the long rest.
  • Spell Book: The book can serve as a spell book with an unlimited number of pages. Adding and studying the spells in the book requires that the diviner has the book in hand.
  • Spell Knowledge: When you gain a level as a wizard, you learn an additional free spell of a level you can cast. One of the spells you learn this level must be a divination spell in order to benefit from this power. Starting at level 12, instead of gaining an additional divination spell known, all divination spells are now in the book.
  • Surprising Lore: When you read the book during your long rest, random bits of lore are presented to you. Because of this, when you make an Intelligence ability check that would use the Arcana, History, or Religion skills, you may take Advantage on the roll. You can’t use this ability again until you take a long rest.
  • Sacrificial Divination: You can cast any divination spell as a ritual. If the spell is normally not a ritual, you must sacrifice 1 hit die per level of the spell. These hit dice can come from the diviner or another living creature. In addition, if the spell is of a higher level than you can normally cast, you must sacrifice 1 hit die per level of the spell. If the source of the hit dice is killed, each of its hit dice count as three hit dice (example a mule has two hit dice, if killed as part of the sacrifice, it would count as six hit dice).

Minor Quality: As long as you remain attuned to the book, you can speak and understand Abyssal, Infernal, and Primordial.

Quirk: The book periodically and randomly alters its appearance. It is always a book and its title is always The Lore of Maybe. The number of pages within the book seems independent of its appearance. While the pages within can change, those dedicated to your spell book are always available.

Quirk: Sometimes the book randomly opens to a passage. Most of the time, the passage turns out to be oddly connected to a current problem or discussion you’re involved in.

The Lore of Maybe

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